Everything You Need to know about Water Removal in Colorado Springs

Everything You Need to know about Water Removal in Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs Colorado, homeowners are relatively more susceptible to flooding when compared to other areas of the country which is why it is imperative to learn how to prevent flooding and what to do when it happens.  Because of this fact, Colorado Springs homeowners must explore the threat that water poses and how owning a home in the Pikes Peak region faces unique water threats that you must prepared for.  The purpose of this piece is to examine the unique threats facing Springs homeowners that would eventually cause the need for water damage restoration service also known as disaster restoration. 

Causes for Flooding In Colorado Springs

Winter brings frigid temperatures to the Pikes Peak region that can cause damage to your home. Residential homes get hit the worst from winter’s wrath compared to commercial and industrial structures.  Ice dam formation is most common cause of flooding in homes with sloping roofs.  The damage forms when snow accumulates on the roof and prevents the water from the melted snow to drain off the roof.  Consequentially, ice dams cause a serious buildup of water damage each year and it may become a black mole damage problem as well if it is not addressed in a timely manner.  One great way to avoid this is sometime in the fall before winter arrives, make sure that your attic remains uniformly cold by keeping it ventilated properly.

Snow melt will absolutely damage your home whether it has a basement, crawlspace or a slab foundation, as most homes in the Colorado Springs do.  If enough snow accumulates next to the foundation of your home, it’s going to create a lot of water once it melts and pose a major flooding risk. In addition to flooding, snow melt can also attract mold growth which leads to major damages to your home.  Ensure you check your rain gutters as water tends to freeze within and cause damage to your gutter system.

Another problem that many homeowners overlook during winter season is the leaking water heater. As the temperature drops during winter, your water heater also works extra hard to be able to provide hot water for your shower. Add to that, your water heater that has been serving your family for a long time; it is only a matter of time before it bursts or leaks, resulting in flooding that would require water damage repair.  Pro tip to avoid this is to make checking on your water heater a regular occurrence in order to prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

Bursting pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage which is caused by pipes getting frozen during the winter season.  More importantly, it’s not simply just cold pipes but the problem lies when water remains in the hoses or pipes outside your home. During winter, the temperature can reach below freezing levels, causing the remaining water in the pipes to freeze. When the water freezes, its molecules expand which could result in the pipes bursting. It would help if you install pipe insulation, especially to pipes exposed to the freezing temperatures in winter.  However the best way to avoid this is to winterize your pipes in the fall. 

Frozen Pipe Detection

Considering the fact that frozen pipes bursting is the most common reason Colorado Springs residents are prompted to contact a water damage service, it is important to learn how to detect frozen pipes about to burst.  Water will expand when it freezes over and as a result, it can put pressure on your homes pipes, up until the point that it cannot hold ice any longer. Identifying frozen pipes early can prevent them from bursting. For example, if you turn on the faucet and it produces a few drops of water, it’s highly possible that there is a frozen pipe.  There are early warning signs for frozen pipes so take heed immediately or the problem can worsen.  There are so many water pipes in your home – both inside and outside. Every sink and shower has its own pipes and there are also outside pipes that supply water inside your home. Fortunately, there are signs that can help you spot frozen pipes before they burst. This includes unusual odors coming from your faucet.  If there is a potential warning sign of frozen pipes somewhere in your home, it is your faucet that will give off an odd smell.  Keep in mind, if the pipe is blocked, the only way for the smell to escape is through the faucet or the drain.  When you turn on your faucet and there is no water or if there is, it is too little, it might be that your pipes are completely frozen. If you turn on the bathroom faucet and no water comes out, the water pipe that supplies that faucet is likely to be frozen so check that pipe.  If you are able to see your pipes, you want to be looking for frost on the exterior surface.  If this is the case, consider this your early warning sign that your pipes are possibly frozen that way you never have to call a water damage restoration company.

What to Do If You Have Water Damage In Colorado Springs

In the very unfortunate event your house is flooded by the water from a busted pipe, toilet tank, rain storm, water from your refrigerator, overflowing rain gutter, overflowing basement or any other such situation then you should take following measures to prevent from further damage to your home.

Turn off Electricity to the House

The very first and most important thing you can do is turn off the electricity to your house to avoid any disaster.  If you have to stand in water in order to turn the electricity off then call an electrician immediately.  Disconnect all the electronic devices from their sockets and remove them from the water damaged area if possible. 

Look for the Source of the Water Leakage

The second thing Colorado Springs homeowners should do is look for the source of the water leakage and shut it off as best as possible.  If you are unable to find the source of leak yourself then we suggest calling a water damage company in Colorado Springs.  If the source of the water leak is a burst pipe, then shut off the main source of water and call a local plumber.  Remove as much water as you possibly can and dry all of the floors.  Keep in mind to dry only as much as you are comfortable with and leave the remaining work for a water damage company.

Remove Damp Items

The third thing Colorado Springs should do is remove wet carpets, furniture and other valuable items from the damaged area.  If your furniture is unable to be removed, place foil underneath the sofas to prevent stains on the floor or carpet and fold up your frills and curtains so that they are not in touch with the surface of the water.

Clear Water from Damage Area

Remove the water as best as you can from the area using a vacuum cleaner, cloth or a mop. The restoration service company will help you with the removal of water but the quicker you address the water damage, the less damage to your home and personal valuables.

Open Windows

Open the windows and doors to the affected area and allow as much fresh air in as possible. If that is not possible, position fans in the flooded area and turn them on to full speed.

Call Damage Restoration Company

After that, call a restoration company if you believe the damage warrants professional water damage restoration. You may get the sense that drying out the wet floors, carpets and your furniture is all you need to do but keep in mind, to avoid mold growth, you need a professional water damage restoration company to take care of your damaged area.  After calling the restoration company, call your insurance company and file for a claim if covered. 

Pictures of the Damaged Area

Take photos of the damaged areas, as it will help your case and the insurance company while the claim process is being processed.  Also, document all the area damaged by water, especially your furniture, electronics and other valuables so that you can claim them afterward in your insurance claim.  Above all else, take immediate action after you discover the water flooding and stay calm and be very careful when handling electronics or circuits in and around the flooded area.  The sooner you take action the less damage that will occur to your home.  In addition, do not ignore the leaks and cracks in the foundation of your home as they will not only damage your foundation but will also foster mold growth. 

Ultimately it is better to have one of the fine restoration companies near Colorado Springs look for any possible places for the mold growth because the mold starts to grow after 24 to 48 hours of exposure to moisture.  Moreover, you should call a water mitigation company and have your damaged area thoroughly checked out by licensed and insured professionals.

Why Hire a Professional Water Restoration Company

The more time that passes while water sits in your home, the more risks it can pose to the foundation of your property. Mold can begin to grow and multiply, exposing your home to structural and safety hazards.  In order to address water damage problems and restore your Colorado Springs home at the soonest possible time, it is critical to get help from a certified water remediation contractor.  A certified water restoration contractor for flood restoration can offer you four main advantages.

  • The Right Tools for the Job
    The biggest difference between homeowners doing water damage restoration themselves and a water mitigation company is the equipment utilized.  Water damage restoration companies are properly equipped with the appropriate tools that enable with the water damage cleanup process, making drying up of water faster while simultaneously minimizing the damage.
  • Length of experience
    Attempting to conduct the water removal services without enough experience is a big mistake as it will only take much more time without the proper knowledge.  Colorado Springs’ already knows how important time is to prevent further damage and hazards caused by the flooding. When it comes to water damage restoration, length of experience is synonymous with expertise. The longer the contractor has been providing water damage restoration services, the more expert he is in the field. With this, he will be able to significantly reduce the loss due to water damage.
  • Knowledge
    A great thing about hiring a water remediation company for flood cleanup in Colorado Springs is the sheer knowledge that they have due to having seen so many of these incidents over the years.  Many times the difference between being out of your home for weeks versus a few hours lies in the contractor’s ability to detect the source of the leak and their ability to mitigate the affected area.  In addition, water restoration companies continuously undergo training and workshops to improve their skills in water damage restoration and the methods involving it such as mold remediation, odor control, commercial drying, and others.
  • Efficiency
    A major reality that Colorado Springs home owners are guaranteed when hiring professional restoration services for disaster cleanup is their thoroughness with their work.  These disaster restoration services have been helping homeowners with their water cleanup problems for many years so that they become very efficient in resolving the underlying issues and identifying any and all moisture in your homes foundation.  In addition, water restoration companies will not just remove the water flooding your home, but will also disinfect your property and restore it back to normal. 

In conclusion, if your home in Colorado Springs is in need of water damage remediation and flood damage repair, contact the only contractor in Colorado Springs who can prove it with the top Google Reviews in the Pikes Peak Region, Flood Damage Restoration available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 888-719-FLOOD.  Flood Damage Restoration of Colorado Springs works directly with your insurance company relieving you from the stress, giving you back your time and ensuring your water removal problem is solved correctly and quickly.  Call Flood Damage Restoration today at 888-719-FLOOD.   

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