When you are specifically looking for flood cleanup companies in Colorado Springs, it is critical to mitigate as much of the problem immediately, ideally way before an emergency team arrives because time is of the essence.

In order to cleanup damage created by a flood, the amount of time that passes allows more water to build up and water damage to become more severe with every passing minute. Because of this if possible, we always advise our clients to adhere to five principles once you realize you have water damage.

  1. BE SAFE

Safety is your top priority so ensure all electrical equipment and appliances are off, disconnected and not used especially while standing in or on wet floors.


In order to prevent any further damage, shut off the water in your home, especially the closest shut off valve if coming from a burst or leaking pipe. If water is coming in through the broken windows or the roof, cover as best as you can with plastic or a tarp.


Take detailed notes, photos and videos would be ideal as this is the ultimate proof for insurance purposes. Save all of your damaged items as your insurance agent by want to inspect them for future compensation. If you make any repairs, especially out of pocket, make sure you keep a list for reimbursement later.


Clean Up as best as possible and move wet items to drier areas. Place aluminum foil, coasters, or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting. Remove area rugs from the floor because dyes in carpets can stain flooring, carpeting and wood floors not to mention the possibility of mold setting in. Clean up as much water as possible by mopping, blotting with towels, and wet vac use. When safe to do so, use fans to circulate air and encourage drying.

Most importantly, after you have done everything you can do immediately, make sure to call Flood Damage Restoration when searching for flood cleanup companies in Colorado Springs.

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