Water cleanup companies in Colorado Springs ideally should be local professionals who understand how to dry damaged areas from water. One of our recent clients Stanley Chang noted in his five star Google review that our team set up isolation curtains in order to cleanup soggy carpet and drywall.

“FDR set up their isolation curtains & cleaned up soggy carpet & drywall.” Isolation curtains are important because they dry the affected areas faster, minimizing the overall damage and ultimate costs associated with water cleanup services. For most people calling a water cleanup service in Colorado Springs it is their first time so they are not completely familiar with all that is entails these services. In addition to isolating the affected areas with isolation curtains and fans, post restoration air monitoring must be conducted because mold damage can directly impact your health which is far worse than water damaged property. Unfortunately in these events, when this is happening to people for the first time they are not thinking entirely through that mold could be threatening their family. So if you are searching for a water cleanup company in Colorado Springs, remember to hire Flood Damage Restoration of Colorado Springs because we understand the seen and potentially unseen world when impacted by water cleanup issues.

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